‘Happy’ Henry has a crush on Roy Kim’s sister?! [Happy Together]


Henry tells Roy Kim that he knows his older sister.

Today’s ‘Happy Together’ stars Kim Uiseong, Gu Bonseung, Ji Sangryeol, Roy Kim, Henry and An Hyoseop.

In the beginning, Henry mentions about Roy‘s sister, “My friends are actually very close to his sister. One time, we went camping together.” Then, Roy, feeling awkward, asks, “But, it wasn’t just two of you, was it?” 

Even though Henry says that his sister is his ideal type, Roy doesn’t want her hook up with him.

Then, MC Myeongsu suggests, “I heard Henry’s younger sister is Miss Toronto. Why don’t you introduce her to Roy?” This time, Henry discourages him from making the attempt.

How funny is that!

[Happy Together]

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