Happy endings for King Jinheung and Seonu-Aro couple! [Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth]


Today is the final day for ‘Hwarang’! Sam Maekjong finally becomes the King of Silla. Seonu and Aro are happy to have each other.

Going back to the last episode, Seonu and Sam Maekjong point a sword at each other. After Sam Maekjong tells him to kill him if he has to, Seonu slashes at his arm, cutting off his bracelet. Seonu says, “Now you don’t owe me anymore.” 

Master Youngshil announces in front of everyone that he will make Seonu King of Silla. Seonu also asks them to crown him as king. Meanwhile, Sam Maekjong goes to meet the Queen for the demise of the Crown. He even tries to make the Hwarang warriors obey him. On the other hand, Seonu gives them a chance to make their own decision.

During the ceremony of accession to the throne, Master Youngshil stops the ceremony to crown Seonu as their new king instead of Sam Maekjong. At that time, Seonu with the Hwarang warriors burst into the palace.

They start shouting out together, “Long live King Jinheung!”. And then, Seonu threatens Master Youngshil for disobeying their King.

After Sam Maekjong becomes the King, he helps Seonu and Aro couple reunite. As soon as they meet, they start hugging and kissing each other.

Last but not least, Banryu couple also has a happy ending. What’s more, Sam Maekjong and Seonu become good friends again! ‘Ms. Perfect’ will be filling the vacancy after ‘Hwarang’. Ready to say good-bye to ‘Hwarang’?

[Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth]

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