‘Happy’ Bada almost married into the Thai royal family? [Happy Together]


Singer Bada reveals that she received proposal from the royal family of Thailand in the past.


Actress Myeong Sebin, Singer BadaHwang ChiyeolApink‘s Eunji appear on ‘Happy Together.’

While she tells her love story with her husband, Bada says that the royal family of Thailand proposed to her once. S.E.S. was shooting a music video in the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. They were on a yacht, and a bigger yacht came near them, and a noble lady on the yacht yelled, “Where is Bada? I know Lee Soo Man well.” Lee Soo Man is the head of SM Entertainment.

It turned out that the noble lady was Korean, and she had married to a Thai nobleman. She told Bada that the Thai royal family wanted to offer her marriage. They apparently had Bada‘s face read by physiognomy and liked her fortune. She was told that her family will thrive for a hundred generations. Lee Soo Man later asked her about it, but Bada refused it for S.E.S.

[Happy Together]

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