Hani – Hyuna – Park Shin Hye, ‘Attention-Stealing’ Lip Point Makeup


[by Jung Yoo Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] In recent years, makeup that adds emphasis to the lips has gained huge popularity.

This trend continues in 2016. Diverse lip makeup styles of female celebrities become particularly eye-catching.

They flaunted their unique ambiance with diversified colors, which can give off diverse moods with different methods needed. Let’s choose a color that matches the mood you want to do your lip makeup.

▶ Lovely Pink Lips

For pink lip makeup, you need to focus more on your skin. Only if you present a nice skin, you can showcase a bright and lovely image. It is also important to have an appropriate glow on your face instead of an excessive one. Choose base products that are highly moisturizing.

Select a foundation that is a shade lighter than your skin tone and apply a small amount of it on your face. Use a concealer to cover obvious blemishes and then complete your base makeup by applying a solid highlighter that has a similar color of your skin. It helps add a natural glow to your skin and prevents makeup from melting.

Next, apply lip liner to line your lips and apply a glossy lipstick all over your lips vertically to hide lip lines for pigmentation

▶ Sensational Coral Lips

Focus on moisturizing for coral lips. If your skin is too matte, you might look pale with coral lips. Mix an appropriate amount of moisturizing cream with foundation before applying and use a brush to apply powder foundation on T-zone area.

Before putting on lipsticks, supply moisture to your lips with a lip balm. Then, apply a matte lip product. Instead of applying several layers of the same product, it is better to use a lipstick that gives a saturated color with a single touch and then apply a hydrating product of the same color.

▶ Sexy Red Lips

A clear skin is the prerequisite of red lip makeup because blemishes or redness downplays the effect of red lip makeup. Appropriate coverage and long-lasting ability are more important that adding excessive glow to the skin.

As mixing and applying a slew of products on the skin might only bring you messy makeup with red lips, use a base product that contains an essence and cover your blemishes with a concealer. Apply light powder to prevent oily skin for clean and supple finish.

▶ Recommended Products for Perfect Lip Point Makeup

01. CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Make up Base
02. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish
03. YSL Rouge volupte
04. GIORGIO ARMANI Rouge Ecstasy
05. Benefit ChaCha Tint

(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, Catalina Geo, MAC, YSL, GIORGIO ARMANI, Benefit, bntnews DB)

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