Han Ye Seul-IU-Victoria, Makeup TIPS For A ‘Small Face’ Like Celebrities


[by Song Eun Ji] Female celebrities including Han Ye Seul, f(x), Girl’s Generation, IU as well as male celebrities like Beast’s Yang Yo Seob and Kim Soo Hyun all have one thing in common: a refined and thin face.

However it is not easy to have a thin face unless your are gifted. If this applies to you, how about using makeup to refine the silhouette of your face?

Contouring and strobing makeup are the two representative ones for creating a smaller face by properly using the lights and the shadows. A Korea’s design cosmetics brand too cool for school proposes its contouring and strobing makeup tips that can be easily done at home.

>>Contouring Makeup

Contouring makeup is also commonly called ‘shading makeup’. This method not only uses lights but overall creates shadows on your face, making it tridimensional and defined.

The key point of a contouring makeup is the use of shadings. These products let you create different degree of shadows depending on the face area. Therefore it is good to use multifunctional shadings that consist of at least 3 colors rather than one.

too cool for school TIP How To Have A Natural Contouring Makeup?

It is hard to obtain a natural contouring makeup if you use only one color. So it’s highly recommended to use a palette with diffferent shades to sufficiently mix the colors and use them depending on the area.

The nose line and the facial contour should be done with a proper mix of bright and dark colors to prevent the artificial appearance. It is important to remember that the colors for the hair line, eye line, nose and chin should all be appropriately mixed to create a natural contoured look.

>>Strobing Makeup

Strobing refers to the ‘flash effect’ as if there was a sudden flash. Strobing makeup lets you have a thin and dimensional face by illuminating its light zone.

If you wish to portray a stylish strobing makeup, it is important to be careful when you choose your highlighter. Select a product that has the same color as your skin with pearls for a natural look without being artificial. Slightly brush over the areas of your face where lights are needed.

too cool for school TIP. Do You Wish To Have A Glowing Skin In Addition To The Volume?

Once the facial characteristics defined, use a highlight that has the same color as your skin tone with pearls for a luminous face. Doing a strobing makeup by using a multifunctional highlighter will help you have a more natural effect since it flaunts different looks depending on the blending technique.

Homogeneously blend the three colors of your multi highlighter and gently put it on over the wide areas of your face in order to get a bright complexion. When it comes to the small zones such as the tip of your nose and chin areas as well as the C zone that needs more lights, use your colors smartly to improve the shape of your face.

>> ‘IT’ Makeup Items For A Smaller Face

01 too cool for school ART CLASS BY RODIN
This is a multi-shading product that consists of three colors that ca be used in different areas such as chine, nose, and hairline. Its transparent and smooth powder adheres to the skin without leaving traces, helping you wear a natural contouring makeup.

02 too cool for school Art Class By Rodin Highlighter
This product is a multi-highlighter that consists of three colors that are similar to skin tones. It’s not only able to portray various looks depending on the blending techniques but also smoothly adheres to skin thanks to its micro shimmering powder that accentuates the volume of the face. With this, you face will be tridimensional and thin.

03 too cool for school DINOPLATZ TRICERATOPS
This item that was especially designed for shading consists of a highlighter, blusher and a shading in one palette. Its three colors can be also used as eye shadows. A brush specialized in contouring is included in the product, helping you emphasize the volume of your face at any time. (photo by: too cool for school, bntnews DB)

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