Han Ye-ri appears on Six Flying Dragons for the first time, showing off her captivating presence



Han Ye-ri appears on Six Flying Dragons for the first time.

Six Flying Dragons is SBS’s special 25 year anniversary project. It is written by King Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon, and directed by Shing Jyung-soo. The series is mid-way through its 50 episodes. The six dragons (human characters) are entering the tumultuous time in history in which the Choseon dynasty was founded. Various characters leave the stage whilst new ones continue to enter, stoking the constant tension in the show.

Word has been given about one of the new characters that will appear. It is the bright star from Chungmuro (Korea’s Hollywood) Han Ye-ri.

Some unique photos of Han Ye-ri on set, during the January 4th shoot on the 27th episode of Six Flying Dragons, have been released. Giving us a preview of the episode and a sense of captivating charm she will bring to the show, which is sure to draw viewers’ attention.

In the released photos Han Yeri can be seen revealing her seductive dance which would attract people the world over during the late Koryo dynasty. She is wearing a light colored hanbok (Korean traditional dress) which has a worldly butterfly pattern and caring a long piece of the fabric in her hand. Which further exemplifies the elegance of her dance and seizing the eyes of audiences.

In the show Han Ye-ri plays Yool-yang, the lover of the last king of Koryo Wang-yo. Her deep eyes and elegant movements, can be seen in the lovely lover Yool-yang, in just one picture. People are wondering how Han Ye-ri’s depiction of Yool-yang will show off her charm on Six Flying Dragons.

In SBS’s 25 year anniversary special drama Six Flying Dragons, it focuses on is Choseon dynasty’s new iron fisted king Lee Bang-won. He is the central concern, of the six ambitious and successful characters the story follows, in this historical drama. You can see Han Ye-ri’s first appearance as Yool-yang in the 27th episode of Six Flying Dragons today, Monday, January 4th, at 10:00 pm.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by SBS

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