Han Go Eun’s Secret to Looking Like She’s in Her late 20s


Han Go Eun’s youthful looks has always been a thing of marvel. For those who don’t know her very well, you might assume that she is just another start out actress who made it into fame quickly. The truth is, apart from the fact that she is an amazing actress, her popularity is also based on the fact that this beauty has refused to age.

She looks like she is just starting into her 30s when in fact, she is well into her 40s. She has openly admitted that her youthful looks have been a major reason for attention for her and even in school, girls used to flock around her awed by her skin. She also used to receive gifts from unknown people daily.
Lucky for us, she recently came on ‘Get It Beauty’ as a Talking Mirror guest and decided to grace us with two of her beauty tips that help her retain her youthful looks.
She uses her skincare products in an unconventional way. Let’s just say she doesn’t use products just for the purposes the manufacturer advices on. She has been able to study her skin and figure out what skin areas are similar and how she can use a product to maximum effect.
Tip 1: she uses her eye cream on more than her eyes. She dabs eye cream onto many places on her face and her neck especially her marionette lines (the lines at the lateral sides of your face). Because eye creams are infused with hydrating ingredients, this is actually a smart way to keep your skin looking plump and healthy. Dry skin can lead to a tightness that would make the skin looked pulled and brittle. Eye creams are very good moisturizers that can solve these skin issues easily.

Eye Cream

Tip 2: she mixes her mists with her ampoules using a 7:3 measurement. The secret to her ageless beauty obviously lies in how much emphasis she puts on keeping her skin hydrated. Face mists are generally carried around in our handbags for those dry, hot moments during the day when your face needs some cool refreshment. Now, add in ampoules which are known for their ability to revive the skin quickly, and you have a love potion for your face.

Face mist

In an article on Allkpop.com, she shared her secret tips to maintaining her slim figure and a healthy body. According to her, “You have to exercise with being healthy as the goal. When trying to lose weight, you need to set aside about six months and change your lifestyle. Rather than doing yoga or fitness, I try to move around a lot on a daily basis. For example, I like to mop the living room floor”.
Although Han Go Eun’s methods are a bit unconventional and our only proof of their effectiveness is her skin condition (which is very impressive), there are no obvious risks involved. The products she uses are products we know well (and love) so this could be a fun, and hopefully helpful experiment to try out.