Han Chae Ah Joins ‘I Live Alone’ and Becomes a Hiphop Girl with Jessi


[by Woorim Ahn] Han Chae Ah newly joined MBC ‘I Live Alone’.

She revealed to disclose her real and truthful daily life through the show and raised the mass public’s anticipations.

On the day, she challenged to become a hip-hop girl with girl crush with rapper Jessi. Han Chae Ah invited Jessi to her home since they got close through MBC ‘Real Men: Female Special’. Although she’s interested in singing and dancing, she couldn’t handle both since she was bad at all of them.

Prior to a hip-hop lesson, Jessi changed Han Chae Ah’s look with smoky eye makeup and colorful stage outfits before Han learns hip-hop and groove.

Meanwhile, Han Chae Ah’s hip-hop challenge will air on March 4. (photo by MBC)

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