GYEONGREE and EOM HYEONGYEONG are to die for in BEER CF! [Happy Together]


Today, on ‘Happy Together,’ Gyeongree, Heize, Hwang Seulhye, Goo Jaeyee and Monikacome to brighten up the show.

It’s well known that Gyeongree​ is popular among celebrities. Many celebrities ask her out because, as you may have already guessed, she is one of the sexiest divas in Korea. She mentions that Hyunah and Seolhyun are her biggest rivals.

Moreover, she gives some tips for how to look sexy to other guests.

As both Gyeongree and Eom Hyeongyeong have an experience of taking a beer ad, they are suggested to battle for who is better. It’s hilarious how they make different faces.

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[Happy Together]

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