Gunhoo’s mother reassures that Gunhoo’s injury is healing


AnnaPark Joo Ho‘s wife and mother of Naeun and Gunhoo from ‘The Return of Superman’, reassured the fans about Gunhoo‘s health.

On February 12, she wrote on her Instagram, “Aciel (Gunhoo) is getting better, thank you again for the kind messages.”

Previously on February 8, she had stated, “While waiting for our connection flight to Seoul in Paris last week, Aciel had a small accident resulting in a visit to the emergency room at the airport. We had another check up here in Korea and with the help of my mother, it seems that the small wound will close nicely and quick. After that incident plus the difficulties for Aciel to adapt to Korean time, I’ve decided to pull him from all the activities.”

However, the staff of ‘The Return of Superman‘ stated that nothing has been decided regarding Gunhoo’s hiatus in the upcoming episodes.

[Image source: Anna Instagram]