Guillaume Makes His Friends Cry in ‘Where Is My Friend’s House in Jeju’?!


[by Woorim Ahn] JTBC ‘Where Is My Friend’s House in Jeju’ members showed off their talents.

On the second day of their Jeju trip, Yoo Se Yoon, Zhang Yuan, Alberto, Guillaume, and Mihal visited Lee Jung’s house located in Aewol-eup. Lee Jung, who settled down in the island three years ago, disclosed his house and received their jealousy.

Lee Jung said, “I prepared Jeju’s specialty foods as a present” and suggested the friends to show off their talents. Since the prize was Jeju’s signature black pork, the friends poured everything out for the contest.

Mihal became a rocker and Alberto showed Italian rapping for the first time. Guillaume, who is a mania of meats, prepared to show a super power. He chose all the props and background music to make the friends and staffs laugh.

Meanwhile, the winner of talent contest will air on February 10. (photo by JTBC)