‘Guesthouse’ HEECHUL, “I watched ‘The Scent’ and I fell in love with her!” [Guesthouse Daughters]


Super Junior’s Heechul shows great interest in Siyeon today on ‘Guesthouse Daughters’.

Dahae goes out with Siyeon to enjoy the spring weather. While having lunch together, Dahae tells Siyeon that one of her friends is a great fan of hers.

At that moment, Heechul comes in as a surprise. When Dahae asks him how he feels to meet Siyeon, he says shyly, “She’s so beautiful. I think I’m getting nervous.”

He continues, “She was so beautiful in ‘The Scent’. She looked so good in black.”

Also, when Siyeon asks him to come to their show one day, he says yes right away. Is he really keeping his promise? It looks like he really likes her!

[Guesthouse Daughters]

Showtime : Tue 23:00 | Re-run: Tue 5:30, Wed 10:30, 18:20(Seoul, UTC+9)