‘Guesthouse’ Dahae, “I’ve been to Narae Bar! She was so drunk!” [Guesthouse Daughters]


Talking about yesterday’s ‘Guesthouse Daughters’ epsidoe, Dahae mentioned that she’s been to Narae Bar in the past.

With the show having been renewed, the members of ‘Guesthouse Daughters’ go visit a real guesthouse now. And, their first guest was comedian Narae.

Dahae is actually a friend of Narae. She said, “I’ve been to Narae Bar. When I arrived at her place, she seemed already drunk! She looked at me with bleary eyes the whole time.”

Meanwhile, the members received a mission from the guesthouse owner. They were asked to paint their old wall. After trying out several times, Misuk wanted to pain it like Santorini. Along with her artistic sense, she started painting with the other members.

Watching them help each other out made us smile. What do you think of the new ‘Guesthouse Daughters’? Let us know!

[Guesthouse Daughters]

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