Got7’s Jackson answers, “Who is the girl group member I’m dating?”


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ON TBC’s The Taste Of Others Got7 member Jackson said there was a girl group member who caught his eye. During the recording Jackson said, there is a girl group member, that is usually pretty nice and when he had dinner with her a lot of people were staring at them.

The two have been close with for a long time. When they meet then hug without thinking about it and often do public displays of affection. Not only when there is a camera, but when there is nothing going on around them and there is no production crew, they are intimate.

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Only Jackson and this girl group member understand each other when they make random inside jokes. They also laugh while gossiping together.

In addition to revealing who this mysterious girl is, you can here Jackson talk about health, reported the show’s director, Jang Jin. You can also see Yoo Byung-jae laugh while talking about his difficulties growing up.

You can find out about Jackson’s secret date and who this mysterious girl group member is, this Wednesday November 18th, at 10:50pm, on Report on the Lives of People – The Taste Of Others.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by JTBC

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