GOT7 Bam Bam and Mark Support for Jackson and Park Joon Hyung


[by Woorim Ahn] Bam Bam and Mark showed up in KBS ‘A Look at Myself’ for Jackson.

On the upcoming episode of the program, GOT7 Jackson and god Park Joon Hyung prepared to test their Korean abilities.

Recently, the two met at the filming site of ‘Korean Test’. They showed a strong will and prepared for it for the last time. Park Joon Hyung called Jo Woo Jong for a help and he gave tips to the two people.

Woo Jong’s help wasn’t all. GOT7’s Mark and Bam Bam became supporters for Jackson and Park Joon Hyung. The members came to the filming site and gave motivations to them.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Park Joon Hyung’s Korean test will air on April 1. (photo by KBS)