‘Good’ SEONGRYONG is starting to enjoy being a hero! [Good Manager]


Kim Seongryong seems to like the title of hero.

The representative who kidnapped Seongryong offers him large sums of money to make him sign the paper which is about disbanding the union. He takes the money, of course.

But, as soon as he comes back home, the workers he met at the demonstration keep shimmering right in his eyes. He comes up with a final decision to use the money for them.

When the union members find out about the money deal, they become very furious. Also, they know what Seongryong has done for them. Seongryong has become their true hero.

There’s one person who dislikes him, though. It’s Seo Yul. As Seongryong keeps behaving like a thorn in his side, he warns him for the last time. Seongryong, however, doesn’t listen to him anymore.

The next day, the police comes over to TQ Group again to arrest Seongryong. He is in trouble for the second time, and this marks a completely new phase of the story.

He himself feels awkward to be a good man. But, what he’s sure of is that it is not a bad feeling after all. Watching him turn into a hero surely helps us get everything off our chest!

[Good Manager]

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