Gong Minzy from 2NE1 Finally Debuts as Solo


[by Woorim Ahn] Gong Minzy will debut as a solo.

On April 12, her agency Music Works disclosed the track list of Gong Minzy’s first solo mini album ‘Minzy Work 01 UNO’.

Regarding this, a total of six songs will be contained in the album including title song ‘Ninano’, ‘Superwoman’, ‘ING’, ‘Flashlight’, ‘Beautiful Lie’ and others.

Title song ‘Ninano’ is a mixed genre of hip-hop and pop dance. Its strong beats, lyrics and her powerful performances make great harmonies and rapper Flowsik participated in featuring to arouse the fans’ curiosity.

Particularly, she contained her first own song ‘Beautiful Lie’ and showed her side as a singer-songwriter as she wrote all the songs’ lyrics.

Meanwhile, Gong Minzy’s ‘Minzy Work 01 UNO’ will be out on April 17 at noon. (photo by Music Works)

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