‘Goddess’ Stars, Do You Want to Become Prettier Like Hyeri, Seolhyun, and Yoona?


[by Song Eunji] What do we need to do become prettier like celebrities who are loved by the public and are called ‘goddesses?’

There are some similarities between Hyeri from Girl’s Day, who played Sung Deok Sun in the recent drama, ’Reply 1988’, Seolhyun from AOA, who is the hottest rising star of 2015, Victoria, who is very popular in China, Krystal, Yoona, and Suzy.

It is that they are all showing their natural beauty with their clear skin and light makeup. If you are jealous of the stars who show off beauty even without thick makeup, start skin care today. In this article, we will provide various beauty know-hows from skin care to makeup that will help you become more beautiful like the ‘goddess’ celebrities.

SKINCARE Clear and Moist Skin is Not Made Overnight

Celebrities who have very busy schedules pay special attention to skin care to keep their skin clear and healthy. Since skin does not change overnight, you need to dedicate time and effort for consistent skin care.

The first skin care step for healthy skin is ‘cleansing.’ Use a foam cleanser with fine foams to minimize irritation and get rid of makeup and skin impurities inside your pores. After cleansing, use a multi-item such as the all-in-one lifting cream with many functions to provide nutrition. If your skin is extremely dry, putting on a layer of oil serum as the last step of your skin care is a good idea for forming a moisture layer over your skin.

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01 EGG MOUSSE SOAP This is a mousse-type foam cleanser that has soft and rich foams just like whipped cream. The fine and dense foams will get rid of impurities inside your pores as well as makeup residue.

02 Egg Mellow Cream This is a 5-in-1 lifting cream that combines toner, essence, serum, cream, and mask pack in just one product. It contains three ingredients that are essential to skin and makes complex skin care possible through moisturizing, increasing skin firmness, and lifting. The cream has a very stretchy texture and has meltable strings made with 98% purity collagen. It will get into your skin easily as you pat it on your face, providing a natural lifting effect and making your skin smooth and firm just like an egg.

This is a dual face oil serum that has the nutrients of a serum and the moisture of oil. You can pick between firming and brightening options depending on your skin concern. Its natural ingredients will be absorbed into skin fast and form a tight moisture layer.

MAKEUP Add Clarity to Natural Three-Dimensionality

If you want your face to look slim and small like celebrities, don’t forget to use shading products and a highlighter. Apply shading products along your jawline, nose, and hairline, and apply a highlighter where you need volume, such as your forehead, bridge of the nose, jaw, and C-zone. If you use a multi-shading highlighter that is composed of three colors rather than one, you can expect a more natural contouring effect.

For a more defined look, continue on with eye makeup. If you want naturalness, skip drawing eyeliner. Applying a mascara on your eyelashes at the front and at the tip of your eyes will create well-defined eyelines without having to use an eyeliner.

Use a concealer to cover dark areas around your eyes and other dark spots on your face. Then use a lip tint to add liveliness to your face. If you use a tint that has bright colors and glossiness, starting from the inside of your lips and creating a gradation effect. Your makeup will become more-defined, three-dimensional, and natural.

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01 ART CLASS BY RODIN This is a multi-shading product that is comprised of three colors, which can be used for skin tone, nose, and hairline. This item helps a natural contouring makeup with its highly transparent and smooth powders that stick tightly to skin without forming lumps.

02 Art Class By Rodin Highlighter This multi-colored highlighter has three nude-toned colors with pearls that are similar to our skin tone. You can create various looks by blending the colors differently. The fine shimmering powders that stick to skin tightly will create a natural three-dimensionality.

03 Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara This is a moving mascara that can transform into three different shapes through a dial that adjusts curves. Its all-in-one formula is great for curling, extending, thickening, and fixing your eyelashes in place. Its delicate tale-shaped brush takes care of hidden eyelashes on the tip of eyes and creates a well-defined eyeline even without an eyeliner.

04 ART CLASS The Camouflage
This reflecting plate concealer naturally covers skin imperfections and creates an even and bright skin tone. The lotus root shaped soft applicator does not irritate the sensitive eye areas. It also helps the concealer stick tightly to skin even when correcting and reapplying makeup.

05 CHECK GLOSSY BLASTER TINT This is a 3rd generation lip tint that is made of 30% water and 70% oil, which makes it vivid, long-lasting, and moist. It combines the advantages of a lip gloss, lip stick and a tint, enabling glossy and colorful lip makeup. (photo by too cool for school, bntnews DB)

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