Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon Revealed Her Refrigerator! What the Secrets Hidden Inside?


[Shin Hyun Jung/ You-bin Ha] Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation appeared in the Chinese version of ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’.

On January 27, people highly praised the beauty of Taeyeon on their Weibo after the broadcast. Starting with the comment “Taeyeon boasted a snow princess-like elegant beauty and a slim figure. She is really beautiful’, people continued by saying “As soon as she entered in the studio, people cheered loudly and the eyes of the Chef Ahn Hyun Min turned into ‘heart shape”.

Taeyeon captivated the heart of the viewers not only with her gorgeous appearance but also by unveiling her beauty secrets. Let’s dig into Taeyeon’s look and her secret self-care habits.

▶The Strong Presence of the Dreamlike Girl

Taeyeon is one of the people who perfectly pull the blonde hair off. Her white-milky skin harmoniously matched with her blonde hair and this mix emphasizes her beauty. On that day, Taeyeon came into the studio with her gorgeous blonde hair and flaunted a mysterious fairy charm.

Her white knitwear dress also accentuated her charm. As time goes by, the maturity of Taeyeon is improving but her unique dreamlike remained the same.

▶The Refrigerator That Shows Her Secret Self-care Habits

On the other hand, Taeyeon attracted people’s attention by revealing her self-care know-how.

When her refrigerator was opened, Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Hydrogel Gold Mask’ captured people’s attention. Taeyeon systematically takes care of her skin with this mask that contains pure 99% gold that improves blood circulation and 6-year-old Goryeo red ginseng extracts that effectively revitalize skin.

After explaining the mask’s effects to the Chefs, she highly recommended them to use it. It’s definitely the secret of her moisturized and smooth skin.

The reaction of the viewers came out immediately. They left some comments like ‘It’s the Korean cosmetics brand where Taeyeon is the model’ and ‘I want to know the name of it’.

Previously, Taeyeon unveiled her other beauty secret. She posted a picture of a cream on her Instagram and said ‘It’s my favorite cosmetics’. That cream was in her refrigerator too.

This secret cream is Nature Republic’s ‘Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream’. Well-known was an antioxidant anti-aging item, it also contains precious ingredients such as pure 99% gold, 6-year-old Goryeo red ginseng and silk amino acid extracted from gold silkworm.

Thanks to the broadcasting, we all know now that Taeyeon’s charm and aura were the fruit of a rigorous self-care. (photo by Tencent Holding, bntnews DB)