Girl’s Generation-TTS releases Louis Quatorze F/W pictorial



Girl’s Generation-TTS releases Louis Quatorze F/W pictorial

French fashion brand Louis Quatorze released its F/W pictorial with TTS (Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun) who are fashion stars and brand muses on August 31.

This unveiled pictorial expressed elegant and classy emotion of Louis Quatorze based on ‘OFF AIR ‘ motif, following 2015 S/S pictorial. TTS’s fancy daily life was expressed by showing them leaving for World Tour in an airplane.

The elegant and confident features of them in natural ‘OFF AIR’ situation, attract people’s eyes. Especially, Louis Quatorze 2015 F/W season new products add more stylish charms to TTS.


In the pictorial, TTS show off their unique urban and fascinating charms with natural hair styles and simple mono-tones clothes. Additionally, they show eye-catching bag style by matching colourful metallic balloon bags

Louis Quatorze creative director Gan Ho-sup said, “TTS harmonised each other and gave off attractive charms throughout shooting. The best harmony is made by the cooperation of global idol fashion star TTS and the elegant emotion of Louis Quatorze”.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Generation has been doing vigorous activities such as topping the American billboard world album chart and the other Korean charts with their official 5th album ‘Lion Heart’

GET IT K Han Jihee Photo by Louis Quatorze English Translation by Jin Kim

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