Girl Group Members Got Soaked All Over


[by Woorim Ahn] Sunny, Solji and Sejung got wet.

On the upcoming episode of KBS ‘Happy Together3’, Girls’ Generation Sunny, EXID Solji, Melody Day Chahee, Laboum Solbin, GFRIEND Yerin and gu9udan Sejung will appear.

In the still cuts, Sunny, Solji and Sejung got soaked in water and caught the mass public’s attention. Solji’s spaced-out face made everyone laugh and Sunny brushed her hair to maintain her pretty look. Sejung just laughed out loud like she doesn’t care at all and the audiences are curious about the reason why they got wet.

There was a special event during filming the program. The panels had to watch a choreography video and copy it perfectly within 10 attempts otherwise they will get water gun attacks.

The program’s staff chose ‘GEE’ by Girls’ Generation and Sunny’s face became bright. However, she said, “This is unfair, they changed the choreographies subtly” and raised people’s anticipations.

Meanwhile, ‘Happy Together3’ with girl group members will air on August 11. (photo by KBS)