GFRIEND Drops Its Teaser


[by Woorim Ahn] GFRIEND disclosed its teaser photos to announce its comeback.

On January 14, its agency Source Music dropped teasers of GFRIEND’s third mini album ‘Snowflake’ through its official SNS.

In the pictures, the group had on school uniforms to make more feminine looks unlike its usual bright sides. Particularly, the six members caught the mass public’s attention as they
made innocent and mysterious moods.

Moreover, the two-membered unit teaser images dragged the audiences’ attention. Umji and Eunha hugged each other, SinB and Yuju made bright smiles at the camera and Yerin scrabbled on Sowon’s hand in the each photo.

Its agency said, “The group’s third mini album completed its school series after its two previous albums. It will make a comeback with GFRIEND’s signature music and style, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, GFRIEND will release its third mini album ‘Snowflake’ with the title song ‘Rough’ on January 25. (photo by Source Music)