GEUMBI, “Just because you’re older doesn’t make you an adult!” [My Fair Lady]


On today’s ‘My Fair Lady,’ Hwicheol pretends he’s kicked out of his house. It’s his plan to send Geumbi to an orphanage.

Together with his daughter, he eats noodles outside and sleeps uncomfortably inside his car. His efforts, nevertheless, seem useless. It looks like she’s enjoying it.

Worrying about her poor father, she saves her school lunch for him. To this kind daughter, Hwicheol is still very unfriendly.

His behavior eventually puts her out of temper. She yells out, “Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you are an adult! You are irresponsible. You lie all the time. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” After shooting these words at him, she leaves.

But, it seems like he’s not happy after all. Are they starting to care for each other?

[My Fair Lady]

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