GEUMBI is starting to LOSE her memory! [My Fair Lady]


Our Geumbi is starting to show signs of Niemann-Pick disease even though she is taking her medicine.

Hwicheol goes out to work on construction sites to buy her the medicine. As he doesn’t want to notify her of what the medicine is really, he just tells her to take it on time.

However, she loses it at school because she completely forgets about it. After finding out how hard he’s been working lately, she decides to earn some money on her own by doing tarot card readings.

Meanwhile, Geumbi keeps forgetting things. While her classmates can solve math problems so well, she can’t.

As she becomes very anxious about what is happening to her, Hwicheol calms her down and promises her he will take care of her no matter what.

[My Fair Lady]

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