Get The Baby Face of Han Geuru – Shin Se Kyung – Lee Si Young


[by Jung Yoo Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] There are vivacious actresses who present glowing skin and gorgeous charms even without spotlight. They are Lee Si Young, Shin Se Kyung and Han Geuru who don’t only play the main characters in dramas and movies but also actively participate in commercials.

Their small face and defined facial features make them receive lots of love from the public regardless of age and gender even though they don’t wear heavy makeup. In particular, they are well-known for their glowing skin as though they have put honey on their skin and so, they always act as beauty models. Their luminous skin evokes people’s curiosity.

1.    Han Geuru

Gaining consecutive triumphs, actress Han Geuru proved her great acting ability as the female leads in dramas. Recently, she has showed her diverse charms on MBC variety show ‘Real Men’. Her glowing flawless skin without makeup is placed with her name on the keyword chart.

She flaunts a bright and elastic skin even without makeup, showing a vivacious face of a girl in her 20s. Therefore, more and more women want to know her skincare secrets. She disclosed in a broadcasting program that she does moisturizing care thoroughly.

2.    Shin Se Kyung

Being pretty from childhood until now, Shin Se Kyung cannot be missed out as a ‘skin beauty’. Her elastic and healthy skin has evoked curiosity of many.

She has revealed her skincare tips on a program recently, which are getting sound sleep and applying skincare products that fit her skin. Similar to the majority of women, celebrities also work hard to do skincare at home meticulously.

3.    Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young is almost perfect in terms of her appearance, physical and acting abilities. Her tight and glowing skin that makes one difficult to believe that she is already in her mid-30s contributes to her beauty.

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(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, Catalina Geo, Hera, Lancôme, SK-II, CLEDEPEAU-BEAUTE, bntnews DB)