‘Thirty’ The Golden Age of Men’s Skin & Charm – T.O.P, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook


[by Hwang Ji Hye/ translated by You-bin Ha] There are three male actors who have turned 30 this year and who impress people just with their name: T.O.P, Lee Min Ho and Ji Chang Wook.

People often say that the real charm of a man starts to give off from the age of thirty. If you have reached age 30 this year and are interested of having a firm skin that will emphasize your charm, this article is for you. Here are some tips that will help you have a celebrity-like healthy skin.

TIP1. Be Careful of Your Hands

Hands are the body parts which are constantly in contact with the outside. Consequently, hands are always covered by different virus and pollutants so it’s quite normal that skin suffers from problems when it’s often touched with these hands.

If you have the habit of touching your face with your hands, you should change it from now on. Also, don’t forget to wash frequently your hands including palms, nails and the parts between the joints with a cleanser each time you go to the bathroom. You can simply prevent diverse diseases and skin problems by washing clearly your hands.

TIP2. The Secret of a Milky-white Skin, Deep Cleansing

When aging starts, skin’s elasticity and regenerative ability worsen so wrinkles and problems can be formed more easily. In particular, skin’s aging is accelerated when makeup coloring and skin’s wastes are neglected on skin.

If you wish to have a celebrity-like healthy and young skin, you need to clearly cleanse your skin with a foam cleansing after going out. Cleansing is one of the most effective methods that maintain the youthfulness of your skin since it activates skin’s regenerative mechanism. Using an hypoallergenic wellbeing product will also help you to minimize the irritation.

TIP3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

If you wish to have a celebrity-like firm and healthy skin, you need to thoroughly keep a healthy lifestyle in addition to your skincare.

First of all, drink more than 2 liters of water a day and eat more healthy food and vegetables instead of meat and carbohydrate that accelerate the secretion of sebum. Fruits and vegetables in season are especially rich in vitamins and fibers so it’s highly recommend consume them regularly. If you are not used to eat vegetables, use cosmetics base of vegetables.

Editor’s Pick “Men’s Charm Came From Skin” Men’s Skincare Items

01 L’OCCITANE HAND&BODY WASH: This item clearly washes and gently protects your skin thanks to its shea butter and oat milk ingredients. Some vegetable bubble factors were included in the formula, letting you have a mild and moisturizing cleansing.

02 LAFINE, VEGETABLE FOAM CLEANSING: This wellbeing foam cleansing contains 5 different vegetable ingredients such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, parsley and water parsley that are full of water. It’s excellent to clean and soothe your skin.

03 LAFINE, VEGETABLE FIRMING MASSAGE CREAM: This massage cream contains 5 different vegetable ingredients such as tomato, carrot, parsley, cucumber and water parsley that are full of water. Its ginkgo leaf extracts help you have a pure and clean skin by making it smooth. Gently massage your face to make it firmer and healthy.

04 BIOTHEM, Force Supreme Moisturizer: It’s a moisturizing product that effectively protects your skin thanks to its blue algae extracts. Apply it all over your face morning and night after your toner or essence. (photo by Lamy Cosmetics Lafine Yachae, L’OCCITANE, BIOTHERM, bntnews DB)

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