Get Plump Skin like Lee Jung Hyun – Han Ye Seul – Han Ji Min in Your 30s


[by Jung Ah Young/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] How do celebrities who appear on the television keep their beauty intact?

Time slips away quickly that Lee Jung Hyun, Han Ye Seul and Han Ji Min are already in their mid to late 30s. However, they still possess plump and tight skin that has evoked envy of many women.

Not only do they have a gorgeous appearance, but they also have great acting skills. If you are curious about the beauty secrets of the rising actresses, focus here. We’ve analyzed the makeup methods of them.

# Han Ye Seul

The most important makeup step of Han Ye Seul is base makeup. Her key is to express a glowing natural skin.

To have a smooth and moisturized skin, do your base makeup with a foundation that adds a subtle glow on your skin.

For eye makeup, mix brown and beige colors to contour your eyes as well as presenting a natural gradation. Then, match it with pink lips to have a vivacious outcome.

#Han Ji Min

Han Ji Min who has a baby face and white skin mixes a foundation with a primer to do a glowing makeup base that is a half shade lighter than her original skin tone.

Dab the base products to maximize adhesion and allow for a well-adhered base on translucent and moisturized skin.

Adding a shade of pink on lips and cheeks for a vitalized skin and having volumized lashes to boost femininity are the points of Han Ji Min’s makeup.

# Lee Jung Hyun

Lee Jung Hyun has surprised many with her intact baby face that has just changed a little since her debut. She transformed into a short hairstyle and showed her makeup that emphasized on base makeup.

To have seamless makeup between the face and neck areas, she applied base products thoroughly and put on highlighter to add volume and a subtle glow on her nose and cheekbones.

The characteristic of her makeup is a dewy, supple and smooth finish of the base. With straight eyebrows, pink blush and lips that symbolize a baby face, she showcased a lovely image.

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(Photo by Chosungah22, Chanel, Lancôme, bntnews DB)