Geeks Are Back With A Surprise


[by Ent Team] Geeks is back.

Hip hop duo Geeks (Lil Boi and Louie) will release their new single album ‘Sometimes’ on November 14.

New song ‘Sometimes’ paints the hearts and feelings of five artists looking for a little heaven amongst busy and tough days. It’s a powerful and meaningful song given that the five artists depicted in the lyrics actually are the five voices on the song.

Out of five, two are Lil Boi and Louie so who are the three remaining big names of Korean hip hop that are featured on ‘Sometimes’? There’s Fisherman, producer whose individual style easily made adepts and whose voice will be heard through music. There’s also Crush, the country’s most popular R&B musician. And there’s Giriboy, who’s not a stranger to Lil Boi.

The best musicians of the country joined forces for this collaboration, which is going to be huge.

Meanwhile, Geeks’ upcoming new single album ‘Sometimess’ will be released on November 14. (photo by GrandLine ENT)