Gayasan National Park (Baegundong Area) (가야산국립공원-백운동 지구)

Gayasan National Par...
Gayasan National Park
Gayasan Mountain (가야산) in Gyeongsangbuk-do was designated as a national park in 1972. Chilbulbong Peak towers at 1,433 meters. It borders Seongju-gun, Hapcheon-gun and Geochang-gun. In particular, Suryun-myeon, Seongju-gun is famous for its scenic nature. Furthermore, the beautiful Gayasan Drive, which extends from Suryun-myeon to Gayasan Mountain, highlights the splendor and grandeur of the precipitous crimson cliffs. The drive also offers the humble beauty of the rolling mountain, while the beautiful trails along the valley and nearby waterfall are fascinating as well.In Baegundong area, you will encounter Beopjusa Temple. This temple was built during the Silla period and is said to have been a huge temple consisting of approximately 100 chambers. Now, only a stupa, cornerstones, and flagpole supports remain. Yonggigol Valley offers a scenic mountain trail along which you can enjoy the stunning beauty of Gayasan Mountain.
Areas Open to the Public
* Baegundong Information Center 백운동탐방지원센터 ~ Seoseongjae 서성재 ~ The top of Gayasan(Chilbulbong Peak) 가야산정상(칠불봉)
* Heodeuksangga 허득상가 ~ Tosingol Valley 토신골 ~ The top of Gayasan(Sangwangbong Peak) 가야산정상(상왕봉)
* Haeinsa Tourist Hotel 해인관광호텔 ~ Halfway up the OBongsan Mountain 오봉산중턱 ~ Namsanjeilbong Peak 남산제일봉
* Cheongnyangdong Information Center 청량동탐방지원센터 ~ Namsanjeilbong Peak 남산제일봉
Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)
* Dongseongbong Peak(600㎡): until 2026
* Sangwangbong Peak(1,000㎡): until 2028
Night-time Hike Restriction Notice
Since November 15, 1991, night hikes have been prohibited (from sunset to 2 hours before sunrise) for tourist safety and to prevent forest fires. Night hikes may be possible provided that a permit has been obtained from the National Park Office.
Parking Facilities
Available (Baekun Parking Lot)
Admission Fees
* Camping Sites
S size (for 3 people) 3,000 won / M size (for 9 people) 4,500 won / L size (for 10 people) 6,000 won
Parking Fees
– Nambu Bus Terminal to Seongju (Departure 5 times a day (10:08 – 16:45), 3 hour and 40 minute ride)
– Get on the bus to Baekundong Parking Lot at Seongju Bus Terminal (Departure twice a day (11:50, 16:00))- Dong Seoul Terminal to Seo Daegu (Departure every 40 minutes (06:00 – 23:10), 3 hour and 50 minute ride)
– Arrive at Daegu Bukbu Bus Stop (10 minute walk to Seo Daegu at Seo Daegu Bus Terminal)
– Get on the bus to Seongju at Bukbu Bus Stop and get off at Baekundong Parking Lot (Departure every hour (06:51-21:07), 1 hour ride)