Gary stars on a Chinese reality show about traveling in China.


Gary seemed to have retired from the entertainment business after his sudden marriage in April, but he came back with a Chinese reality show that features his trip all over China.

On November 14, Gary wrote on his Weibo account, “Do you remember me saying earlier this year that I’d show my travels in China through ‘Kang Ceremony’?” and posted the trailer of the show.

‘Kang Ceremony’ is a 12-episode series that features Gary’s travels in 6 cities in China that is uploaded on Gary‘s Weibo every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. The first episode was revealed on November 15, featuring Gary‘s trip to Beijing.

In October of last year, Gary stepped down from ‘Running Man’ and announced a sudden marriage with a non-celebrity in April of this year. Since then, he has released some digital singles in Korea, but he has never made appearance on television. He has grown a bit distant with his Korean fans due to his secret marriage and Leessang’s disbandment. It seems that he made the choice to approach the Chinese fans first.

[Image source: Gary Weibo]