‘Fight’ Kwak Dongyeon starts cheating on Jiwon! How unfaithful! [Fight for My Way]


Aera breaks up with her boyfriend after finding out he’s been cheating on her.

Dongyeon will show up on ‘Fight for My Way’ today as Jiwon‘s ex-boyfriend. And, he cheats on her.

When she goes to see him with a small present, he comes out with his pants inside out. Thinking that something’s wrong, she sees another woman there.

It turns out that they’ve been seeing each other for a long time. She’s been supporting him financially.

Feeling all frustrated, Aera starts hitting him with her bag.

It’s absolutely unacceptable how he dumps a woman like Jiwon! As she breaks up with her boyfriend, her relationship with Dongman is expected to become more serious than casual.

[Fight for My Way]

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