‘Fight for My Way’ Cast is having a blast in Jeju island!


Actors of ‘Fight for My Way’ are enjoying their vacation to Jeju island as a reward for their successful drama, and they boasted their friendship on Instagram.

[Image Source: Park Seojun instagram]

Park Seojun posted a photo of him and his best friend Choi Woosik swimming together.

[Image Source: Park Seojun instagram]

He also dropped pictures taken with YejinHayunJiwon and more.

[Image Source: Park Seojun instagram]

The actors seem to be enjoying their time! Under the picture taken with Woosik and JiwonSeojun wrote, “I was once again happy to meet my best partners.”

[Image Source: Pyo Yejin instagram]

Yejin posted a photo of her with Seojun and Hayun enjoying water sports and commented, “It’s not over until it’s over!”

Song Hayun told the behind-the-scene stories of the vacation during an interview. She said, “We didn’t sleep. We didn’t want to waste our precious time sleeping.” She mentioned her close friendship with fellow actors: “We were together for the entire three days and two nights. We ate, rested at the hotel, and hung out all day long together. We would go back to our rooms to sleep, then messaged each other saying ‘What are you doing?’, ‘Are you going to sleep?’Then we would come out and swim and play all night long.

Lee Elijah who played the role of Park Hyeran, couldn’t join the vacation because she didn’t feel well.