‘Fight’ Dongman has lost his hearing! [Fight for My Way]


On the last episode, Dongman lost his hearing after the bloody match with Taksu.

Dongman had been waiting for the match with his rival Taksu for a long time, and today was the D-day. He showed confidence to Aera, who was dead worried about him. The match seemed to proceed smoothly as expected.

However, Taksu played foul again. When the match seemed to go against him, he hit Dongman‘s head with his teeth. As a result, Dongman got seriously injured, and the match had to be stopped.

But this match was special to Dongman. He had a strong desire to win because this match could prove his passion for mixed martial arts and let out his anger at Taksu. He begged Jangho to let him continue the match.

This wasn’t the end of the rough road for Dongman. He came out of the stadium to apologize to Aera, who was crying outside. Suddenly, he heard a ringing in his ear. Then he couldn’t hear anything anymore. He started smacking his ears and yelled at Aera, “Why are you talking like that? Why are you soundless? Why is everybody soundless? Why is everything so quiet?” At this point Dongman was crying, and Aera was brought to tears as well.

Will these two be able to meet a happy ending? Let’s hope!








[Fight for My Way]

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