‘Fight’ Dongman: “Do you want to sleep over at my place?” [Fight for My Way]


Dongman told Aera to sleep over at his place.

In the last episode, Dongman and Aera were having a sweet moment in the rooftop.

Dongman said to Aera, “I can’t stop looking at your lips. Since we go out, can I keep kissing you?” Aera was embarrased, and told Dongman, “You’re crazy. Why do you ask?”

Then Dongman kissed Aera on the lips and said, “It feels so good. I really like you, Aera Choi. I think I’m going crazy.”

He continued, “It’s go big or go home. Let’s just go big. Do you want to sleep over at my place tonight?”

Things just can’t get any sweeter than this!

[Fight for My Way]

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