‘Fight’ Dongman♥Aera, more than just friends! [Fight for My Way]


Ever since they were six years old, Dongman and Aera have been best friends. They know each other’s embarrassing memories, and physical contact was completely natural for the two.

Aera blushed whenever Dongman touched her. She couldn’t take it anymore, and she told Dongman not to touch her because it makes her heart flutter. It turned out that Dongman was actually Aera‘s first love.

Since then, things have grown more awkward between them. Aera‘s confession marked a turning point for Dongman as well, and he thinks that Aera looks pretty. They start to walk apart. They are not able to hide their feelings. Although they don’t make physical contact anymore, their relationship is more pink than ever before. They don’t see each other as friends anymore.

With Dongman‘s confession at the end of episode 8, we expect to see even more pit-a-pat moments in the upcoming episodes!

[Fight for My Way]

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