‘Fight’ Aera’s first encounter with the mysterious guy, Namil. [Fight For My Way]


Will Namil be a game changer in the romance?

In the last episode, Aera ran into Kim Namil, the son of Hwang Bokhui, the landlady of Namil Villa.

Aera and other tenants knew about Bokhui‘s hidden son even though they had never seen him before. His name was used in many places like “Namil Villa” and “Namil Bar.”

Aera was practicing the announcer lines for mixed martial arts in front of the villa. She was saying her body size out loud. Then she came across Namil. Namil introduced himself as the son of the landlady. Aera responded, “Oh, THAT Namil?”

Namil snapped back, “Do you know me? Why do you call someone else’s name like that? Isn’t the stairs a public place? Please don’t be a nuisance with such repulsive outfit and loud voice.”

He went on to say, “No one would believe that you’re 163.2cm tall and weigh 45kg. No one would care to know either.”

Aera said to herself, “He’s handsome but rude like hell.”

Namil said to himself, “Is she a weirdo or what?”

The staff describes Namil‘s role as “Prince Charming” and a very attractive man. He knows how to make women’s hearts flutter.

Will Namil‘s skills work on Aera as well? Aera is enjoying a sweet romance with Dongman right now. What role will Namil play between them?

[Fight for My Way]

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