Female Celebrity Bottom Fashion from Slacks, Denim to Skirt


[by Kim Min Soo/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Celebrity fashion styles are always in the limelight.

Their clothes attract people’s attention and when they share the brand information of the items they have, some people buy those clothes and follow their styles. In particular, diverse moods can be flaunted by simply changing the bottom and so, bottoms worth the attention of women.

The representative hot item for airport fashion is denim. Denim items such as pants or skirts complete your attention-grabbing realway look and diverse styles for events or wedding banquets. Bottom styling tips for different TPO through the outfits of Kim Ha Neul, Lee Da Hee and Lee Sung Kyung will be introduced.

# Kim Ha Neul – Slacks

If you want to ooze your femininity, wearing white slacks like that of Kim Ha Neul is a good choice.

Pairing a navy top with white ankle slacks and a grey long coat can complete a stylist outfit. Also, wearing a fur muffler can help accentuate your loveliness.

Editor’s Pick – SOLID POCKET SLACKS  White slacks with patterns or prints on pull off a casual look easily. Matching them with a striped blouse can showcase a feminine and comfortable style.

# Lee Da Hee – Denim

Denim pants can give off casual and stylish vibes at the same time. They are great items for daily looks and help channel diverse moods.

Actress Lee Da Hee showed up at the event with a refined outfit by matching a mock turtleneck with patched denim pants. She wore a down jacket on top to show a warm image and her shoes that matched the color of the jacket completed her fashionable ensemble.

Editor’s Pick – DOUBLE WAIST DENIM JEANS_BL/J Matching black color with denim pants pulls off a chic image and together with a leather jacket, you can show your charismatic charms. Round off the daily look by long boots or ankle boots.

# Lee Sung Kyung – Skirt

Skirt is an exclusive item for women, which completes a lovely and girly daily look effortlessly.

Model and actress Lee Sung Kyung showed off a splendid look as if spring has already sprung. She wore a printed top and an unbalanced skirt to complete a cute and vibrant style. Her hip-length white jacket further accentuated her loveliness.

Editor’s Pick – LIGHT WRAP MINI_BR This is a romantic skirt that emphasizes the silhouette of women, making it suitable for daily look. Tuck your shirt in to reveal your waistline and don a cardigan to complete an exquisite style. (photo by Stylenanda, bntnews DB)

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