Female ★’s Dazzling Appeal, Pantless Look


[by Kim Min Soo /translated by Kim Young Shin] Covering makes pantless look more appealing.

In a pantless look, you not only wear very short pants or skirt but also hide it with a long top to make it invisible. Until a few years ago, people would judge you with such fashion but it is very common now.

Compared to other styles, it is enticing and feminine. Also, you can apply it any time and place to look trendy. The wide range of pantless look as well as its sexiness may be the reason why women favor it. Here are some examples of celebrities’ pantless fashion.

# Kim Yoo Mi

The seductiveness from the invisible pants is considered not very suitable for formal occasions. However, Kim Yoo Mi made a public appearance with neat and feminine no-pants look. The black and white look of a white dress and a black jacket that comes down to her hips boosted her womanly beauty.

[Editor’s Pick] Dekki-cut Wool Rider JK Feisty Clubbers often wear pantless look for a sexy concept. It is not about wearing super short pants but about appealing oneself with the secretive seduction under cover. For such styling, a jacket is a better item than a tee shirt or a long blouse. Match it with a white innerwear for the best result.

# Park Eun Ji

For a luscious and elegant style, mix and match a short dress and a field jacket like Park Eun Ji. Putting on a white dress and a light khaki jacket highlights the pure image accompanied with subtle seductiveness. Wear socks with your shoes to follow the latest vogue.

[Editor’s Pick] PURE LACE OPS_IV If exposing too much of your body parts feels uncomfortable, try lacy dresses. The slight veiling on the sleeves and the lower part of the dress is very appealing. Additionally, it presents a pure and romantic mood. Black-colored high heels go well with the style.

# Soyou

Singer Soyou’s choice is hooded dress, distinct from the former two examples that were layered with a jacket. Her comfortable style is still sexy with her beautiful legs. Particularly, the relaxed fit of the dress and the sneakers look very casual and cheerful. Her stunning style seems effortless.

[Editor’s Pick] ROUND BLOUSE MIX_PK Oversized dress is perfect for the airport fashion as it is comfortable. One good choice of a dress makes you look a lot more stylish and sexy compared to other fashion items. Wear comfortable shoes like sneakers for better mobility. Use a hat or a bag to give a point to the style.

(photo by Stylenanda, bntnews DB)

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