‘Feel Good To Die’ cast say good-bye and thank you to viewers


The final episode of ‘Feel Good To Die’ airs tonight on KBS World. Actors Kang JihwanBaek Jin HeeRyu Hyun KyungPark Solmi and Gong-Myoung said their words of farewell.

Kang Jihwan played Baek Jinsang, the worst kind of boss you can ever imagine. He said, “I want to thank all viewers who loved and empathized with ‘Feel Good To Die.’ From the moment I started until the last day of shooting, time flew like an arrow. Thank you again to the director, staff, fellow actors, and the viewers who laughed and cried together from the beginning till the end.”

He added, “Although ‘Feel Good To Die’ is over, just like how Jinsang traveled back in time, I feel like I keep going back to the happy moments of the first shoot. Time loop, romantic comedy and biggest-jerk-of-all-time might be strange themes, but they are what made this drama special, and I pray that it remains in your hearts like a present.”

Baek Jin Hee, who played Lee Ruda, said, “I was really happy to make memories with good people while shooting ‘Feel Good To Die.‘ It’s so sad to say good-bye like this. Thank you for loving ‘Feel Good To Die.’

Ryu Hyun Kyung, who played the pregnant office worker Choi Minju, said, “As I indirectly experienced the fierce office life through ‘Feel Good To Die,’ I was able to feel the distress of office workers. I’m really grateful to the viewers who empathized with Minju and laughed and cried for her. I also want to say thank you to all the actors and staff who made ‘Feel Good To Die’together.”

Park Solmi, who played Yu Sibaek, said, “Living as Yu Sibaek for the last three months was a happy, unforgettable and precious time for me. I’d like to thank the viewers for watching. The drama marked my return after a long break, and it was meaningful to me in many ways because I got to work with awesome actors, director and friend Lee Eunjin for the second time, and the best staff. Happy New Year and be happy.”

Gong-Myoung, who played the company founder’s grandson Kang Junho, said, “The first shoot feels like just a couple of days ago, and it’s sad that the drama is already over. First, thank you so much for loving ‘Feel Good To Die.’ Thanks to many people who loved Kang Junho, I was able to act happily and finish well. I was happy to wrap up this year with ‘Feel Good To Die.'”

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