Father NANGIL can do ANYTHING for his daughter! [Sweet Stranger and Me]


Doubting his identity, Hong Nari, with the help of Deokbong, tries to find out who her new stepfather is really.

Although she is still not very friendly to him, she knows for sure that he is working hard to be a good father to her. It seems like his friendliness is gradually breaking down their boundary.

Nari suddenly comes into his room when he is changing his clothes. Feeling embarrassed, Nangil wears an apron to cover his half naked body. When she gives him a present, he cannot hide his pleasant feelings.

Moreover, on the anniversary of Nari‘s mother’s death, Nangil tries to have a deep talk with herex-boyfriend. As if they are competing, they keep adding more shot glasses.

Meanwhile, Yeoju comes to Nari’s place to take her drunken boyfriend home. Seeing her face, Nari gets very upset. What will Nangil say when he sees her? Will he make a revenge on her for his daughter?

[Sweet Stranger and Me]

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