‘Father’ Cheolsu is a millionaire? Rayeong panics! [My Father is Strange]


Rayeong was shocked when she found out that her lover, Cheolsu, is a millionaire.

Cheolsu‘s twin brother Yeonghui dragged Rayeong to his father’s company. Rayeong was surprised to see people call Yeonghui “director.” Moreover, his father’s office was called the “President’s office.”

Rayeong apologized for having bitten his hand. Hongik, the father, said, “Instead of the medical expenses, let me ask you something else. I heard that you are going out with Cheolsu. That my stubborn son does what you tell him. He left the house saying that he’ll play soccer. He needs to learn management and take over the company.”

He asked her to persuade Cheolsu to come back home and handed her his name card.

Rayeong looked at the title “president” on the name card blankly. When Cheolsu found out what happened and came to her, she said, “So your father is the president? You seem very different today. You don’t seem to be Coach Park that I used to know. I’ll go home by myself today.”

Rayeong is confused! What will happen to their relationship?

[My Father is Strange]

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