Fatal Intuition’s Joo Won cries for more than 40 minutes


Fatal Intuition’s Joo Won cries for more than 40 minutes, “I couldn’t hold back my emotions”. Daehak Naeil(대학내일) releases its interview and pictures with actor Joo Won. Actor Joo Won who can be seen in his new movie, dealing with the pain of his lost younger sister. However, he confessed to the weekly magazine Daehak Naeil, that he doesn’t actually have a younger sister.

On October 28th in the thriller movie Fatal Intuition, Joo Won as Jang-woo searches for Pharmacist Min(played by Yoo Hae-jin) who is the primary suspect in his sister’s murder. When you see Joo Won saw himself in Fatal Intuition as Jang-woo, he said “I’m thankful to see a weak person desperately struggling.”


In the scene where Joo Won is sobbing in his cell, even after completing the shot, he continued crying for 40 minutes. Despite not actually having a younger sister, due to his extreme immersion in the role you would believe that he does.

He continued saying “Ever since I was little I wanted a younger sister. I thought it would make me a better person and I also thought I would do a good job taking care of her.” for my role he said “I decided ‘I won’t hold back my emotions at all. I will try to break free of my emotional chains’.”

Fatal Intuition as of November 9th, has sold 950 000 tickets, and is number three in the box office.

You can see Joo Won’s Fatal Intuition interview and pictures in issue 757 of Daehak Naeil magazine.


Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Pictures by대학내일

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