EXCLUSIVE: ‘Ms. Perfect’ Ko Soyoung and Sungjun are set to take over the small screen! [Ms. Perfect]


On February 23rd, the press conference of KBS new drama ‘Ms. Perfect,’ starring Ko Soyoung, Yoon Sanghyun, Cho Yeojeong and Sunjun, was held at Yeongdeungpo Times Square in Seoul.

Drama ‘Ms. Perfect’ will be portraying the power of working mothers with its main character Shim Jaebok. Jaebok is an energetic, diligent working mom and wife. After becoming a tenant at a house owned by Lee Eunhee, she becomes involved in an unexpected incident.

Through the new KBS drama series, Ko Soyoung makes a return to television for the first time in 10 years. She will be playing the role of Shim Jaebok who is an ordinary middle-aged wife.

During the conference, she said, “I know many of you have preconceptions of me just because of how I look. And, I always felt bad about it. I saw a lot of common traits in Shim Jaebok and myself. By relating to the character, I thought I could approach the public more comfortably.”

Actor Yoon Sanghyun will be Ko Soyoung‘s husband, Koo Junghee. In the drama, he may look somewhat timid, but he works hard to be a kind and domestic husband all the time.

“As soon as I read about the character, I thought, ‘This is it!'” said Yoon Sanghyun. And, he added, “I am a big fan of Ko Soyoung. She is one of the big reasons why I chose this drama. It’s really fun to be with her playing husband and wife.”

Actress Cho Yeojeong, looking stunning, agreed with him. She said, “I’m also a huge fan of Ko Soyoung. The role I am playing is Eunhee. She’s extraordinarily kind to others. Because I thought her hyper-nice characteristic makes people feel a bit uncomfortable, I wanted to do this role.”

Sungjun who will be acting as Ko Soyoung’s younger man said, “I’m really honored to have a chance of working with Ko Soyoung, Yoon Sanghyun and Cho Yeojeong. I will portray Kang Bonggoo character in my own way.”

Last but not least, the director said that he wanted to surprise viewers by casting the usually-elegant Ko Soyoung in a wild and tough role.

‘Ms. Perfect’ is set to premier on February 28th on KBS World with English subtitles! What do you think of the new drama? Let us know!

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