Eunjung: I Have No Regret


[photos by Jo Heeseon] Eunjung has strong memories of the past 8 years.

On June 14, T-ara held a showcase introducing its 13th mini-album What’s My Name in Shinhan Card’s FAN Square Live Hall, in Seoul.

That day, Eunjung said, ‘’I spent almost my entire twenties with T-ara. To me, it’s such an important time, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s also moments that I don’t regret. Because even through adversity, we were able to gather love and I think that’s a lot more difficult.’’

She added, ‘’Actually, we received more than we suffered, and I am still thankful for this. Difficulties also teach you a lot. I wouldn’t throw an inch away of what we had. That’s why my attachment to T-ara will only grow bigger.’’

Title song What’s My Name was produced by one of the best crews in Korea, Brave Brothers. It respects T-ara dance trademark all while exploring a little up tempo EDM. The song also boasts a little tropical mood.

Meanwhile, T-ara released its newest single on June 14 and will kick off official promotion on June 15.