EUL stays with JUNYEONG till the end! [Uncontrollably Fond]


“This is the world I’ve been dreaming of.”

Every Wednesday and Thursday, KBS drama ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ made our eyes moist withtears. The couple’s relationship has been cursed with a lot of hindrances in the past 19 episodes.

Spending time with his own mother, Junyeong gets to enjoy a kind of tenderness with her for the last time.

He ends his life in peace while leaning himself against Eul‘s shoulders. After sending him away, she leads a righteous and happy life of her own.

Until the end, the drama has given us laughter, together with tears. Don’t miss out on the last episode of this heartwarming drama!

[Uncontrollably Fond]

Showtime : Thu-Fri 21:50 | Re-run: Fri-Sat 04:20, Sun 13:00, 22:30 Thu 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)

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