ESSICA and JAEKYUNG’s ‘Beauty Bible’ starting TODAY! [Beauty Bible 2016 S/S]


‘Beauty Bible’, which is one of the most popular informative shows among teenage girls, will be restarting with MC Jessica and RAINBOW Jaekyung. Guess what? Their ‘Beauty Bible’ will be starting today!

Jessica is well known for her good sense of fashion. She was once a member of Girls’ Generation. But, now, she has definitely become a trend setter herself.

And, as you already know, Jaekyung is the team leader of RAINBOW. She is a very talented singer as well as a professional entertainer. As she is witty, she will work well as a beauty messenger this time.

Don’t miss the first episode!

[Beauty Bible 2016 S/S]

Showtime : Fri 16:10, 21:50 | Sun 11:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)