Escape from Greasy Hair! What is the Solution to Oily Scalp Care?


[Hwang Yeong Do] Are you worried because no matter how much you wash your hair in the morning by the afternoon your hair is suddenly oily and greasy? If that’s the case, there is a high possibility that you have an oily scalp.

It is the middle of August in which the hot summer is coming to a close. In the rainy season of the end of summer, the weather is very humid and easy for bacteria to form so those who have an oily scalp need to pay special attention. Not only is it easy for the hair and scalp to become damp, the scalp cannot get proper ventilation so the chances of sebum excretion and dandruff rises.

In a hot and humid climate, neglecting an oily scalp is taboo! Do not forget that this is the optimal condition for hair loss. Let’s examine the oily scalp care method to obtain a healthy smooth and soft scalp.

Self-Diagnosis for an Oily Scalp

If you have over 3-4 of these symptoms, you have an oily scalp. In the case of applicable symptoms, first you need to completely remove dead skin cells in your scalp. Also, because this suggests that the water and oil balance is off, it’s important to familiarize yourself with and put to use scalp deep cleansing methods.

What if you want precise measuring of your scalp? 

You have done a simple self-diagnosis of your scalp but because you can have hair loss, it’s good to go through a more precise gauging of your scalp status and then properly treat your scalp.

Ecomine’s BB Smart Zoom Scalp Measurement System analyzes and measures 1~300 hair loss degree, hair density, pore status, dead skin on the scalp, and sensitivity. Through filming a scalp video, it can diagnose your scalp time and when you visit, they can prescribe the suitable product for your scalp status. How about examining directly with your eyes your proper scalp status and the cause of your symptoms through the applicable scalp measurement system, and implementing essential scalp care?

Deep Cleansing Item for Oily Scalp 

Ecomine Shop-in-shop brand Pilaso that is mentioned by beauty parlors and beauty enthusiasts alike. The brand has products that beauty parlors use for scalp care in order to remove excessive sebum in the scalp and to give overall cleanliness.

The proper Pilaso clean solution for oily scalp types is Pilaso Clean Scalp Shampoo (Scaling Shampoo) and Pilaso Scalp Night Tonic. They are good products to use for adolescents, young men and women, those who enjoy sports, those who are tormented by scalp troubles, etc., that have heated scalp and a lot of sebum excretion.

The instructions is to first adequately wet the scalp and hair with lukewarm water and then pump shampoo, evenly spreading onto your scalp and massaging the bubbles in. Afterwards let it settle in for 2 minutes and then cleanly rinse it all out. After shampooing, dry hair with a towel and massage in the Pilaso Scalp Night Tonic with your index fingers evenly onto your oily scalp. Do not wash off the night tonic supplement and complete the care like that.

Moisturizing Clinic Item for Oily Scalp 

Hair supplement products sold at the market are usually for oil and water balance thus it is hard for consumers with an oily scalp to buy the right product. Moisturizing clinic remedies this area by providing care for the oily scalp.

The shocking part is that the product produces softness with moisturizing at the base that you cannot get a simple rinse, replenishing moisture to 100%. The instructions are that after putting in the shampoo, apply it to everything on the hair except for the scalp and massage the hair for about 1~2 minutes, and then rinse it off. How about strengthening smooth and shiny hair through water soluble protein care? (photo by bntnews DB, Ecomine)