Eru Sings For You Are Too Much


[by Ent Team] Eru joins the original soundtrack of drama ‘You Are Too Much.’

On April 22, the sixth song of the OST of MBC’s drama series ‘You Are Too Much’, ‘Love Waits’, was released on various music platforms.

‘Love Waits’ relies on a classic piano’s magic and a marvelous voice: your traditional beautiful ballad song. ‘’When it comes to love, even waiting is a beautiful thing’’ sings Eru in his ardent voice.

Coma (Kim Kyungbeom), who worked with Suzy, ALi, or Paul Potts, is the producer of this song. He already met OST success with drama ‘Blow Breeze.’

Meanwhile, ‘You Are Too Much’ airs every Saturday on MBC at 8:45 PM. (photo by victents)


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