Eric Nam to Become an Avatar Chef


[by Woorim Ahn] Eric Nam will appeal his charms as a cook.

On the upcoming episode of Olive TV ‘Avatar Chef’, Eric Nam will appear and show off his cooking ability. Eric Nam and Choi Hee made their appearance in the program during recent filming session. The two got their missions from Chefs Lee Jae Hun and Raymond Kim.

Eric Nam said, “I started cooking at the age of 8” and surprised the chefs. When he was young, he cooked Seaweed soup for his mother who just gave a birth to his brother at that time. In fact, he seemed nervous at first, but when he started making food, he showed his different side and MC Kwang Hee said, “I didn’t do like that” and revealed his jealousy.

Moreover, chef Kim So Hee from ‘Master Chef Korea’ judge showed up as well in the program. She caught the panels’ attention with her wave hair and tried the foods that they made to give advices.

Meanwhile, ‘Avatar Chef’ airs on Wednesdays at 8:20pm KST. (photo by Olive TV)