ee Young-ae and Song Seung-heon meet on the set of Her Story


On November 26th in Hanhneung city in Jangwon-do province, SBS’s drama Her Story began their rehearsals. Her Story is directed by Yun Sang-Ho and written by Park Eun-ryeong and Lee Ha.

Lee Young-ae and Song Seung-Heon take on lead roles in the upcoming drama. Her Story takes place during the Choson dynasty. It paints the story of love between Ye Sul-hon and Bool Myeol.

The drama began shooting back in August, and has actually completely finished shooting prior to its 2016 release on SBS.


Song Seung-heon, the male lead for the drama Her Story, in front of a sea of people

9-9Song Seung-heon as Lee Gyeom

He found his destiny when he was young, and knows that his life’s purpose it to love and do as she pleases.


Song Seung-heon’s Hanbok(Korean traditional clothing) looks magnificent and matches him perfectly.


Rookie actor Yang Se-jong and Lee Young-ae

Lee Young-ae is currently teaching Korean art history at university and acting in the role of Shin Saimdang. Saimdang is actually the Korean name of this drama.


Lee Young-ae’s beautiful as ever smile.

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